Serverless Consulting

If you’ve ever had to spend a disproportionate amount of time on infrastructure challenges when launching a new product or service, then it may be time to make the leap to Serverless. Both AWS and Azure have evolved their services to the point that you now have all the building blocks in place to deploy and scale computing resources with almost zero ongoing maintenance. It is worth the learning curve for Serverless because the payoff is much greater speed to market, and greater focus on the actual functionality of your products.

  • Automated Scaling

    Use functions-as-a-service and auto-partitioning NoSQL databases to pay on demand and automatically scale up to nearly any traffic load.

  • Infrastructure as Code

    Define your service stack as parameterized deployment templates, and stand up and tear down proven environments in one step.

  • Automated Compliance

    Define security standards and automate monitoring and compliance checking.

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